Disposal service

Clearing out and professional disposal

When you are moving or your move has been terminated, mostly there are many items which you won’t need anymore. We are specialised for such situation and can collect and dispose them ecologically.

Complete house clearance

The Häfeli Logistic and Transports Ltd, as your partner from the canton Aargau, we can dispose not only single items, but also complete apartments, single houses, office buildings or stores, whatever you need.

The Häfeli Logistic and Transports Ltd we are setting great store by professional expert working of all kind of disposal.

Make room for new things

All waste will be strictly separted by their constitution, such as paper, carton, styrofoam, electro waste, iron or plastic. Im Recycling-Center werden die Abfälle anschliessend sachgemäss entsorgt.

We have also a waste bin service, delivering and collecting waste containers with a special crane truck. This allows you to get space and dispose the items by yourselve directly. We own 11 waste bins with following sizes:

– 3 x 7m3 (open)
– 2 x 6m3 (covered)
– 1 x 4m3 (open)
– 3 x 2m3 (covered)
– 2 x 1m3 (open)


Please ask for consulting to get your waste bin as per your specific request.

Disposal offer

  • Dumpster service
  • Disposal
  • Clearances
  • House clearance

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