Apartment or house cleaning

You have already left your old residence or office and are looking forward with joy to move into the new residence.
Now you would still need to clean the appartment or office building and hand it over to the landlord. A painfull matter in regard of prefering at this time to install you at the new place! In such case you better leave the cleaning for a professional cleaning team with Häfeli Logistic and Transport Ltd. 

Our cleaning team

Our experienced employees take over the complete cleaning and the handing over efficently and conscientious for you. We are also the right partner if you need any maintainence and envoirment labour.

Also some rectification of a defect could be taken over by us, allowing a hand over without problems. Further we would be pleased to support you also for cleanings which are not part of a move.

From A to Z with acceptance guarantee

Profit of our experience in cleaning matters. All from one hand, that is the advantage of working with Häfeli Logistic and Transports Ltd. On request we can also arrange the hand over by ourselves with the landlord, this of course with handing over guarantee.


We would be pleased to submit you an offer! Please contact us.

Cleaning offer


· House cleaning

· Apartment cleaning

· Maintenance cleaning

· Environment cleaning

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